Two volume treatise on Systems

(Formerly) Analytical Network and System Administration

My former book Analytical Network and System Administration (Managing Human-Computer Systems) has been a thorn in my side for years. Originally written as a course book for the Oslo University College master degree in Network and System Administration, the publishers would not allow corections, instead making the book more and more expensive. Thanks to some friendly lawyers at Wiley, I have recovered the rights to the original, and have been working on a sequel. My plan is to self-publish them in a convenient and affordable paperback form, with a new cover, and updates and corrections. In the mean time, I make them available in a `working state' for the benefit of readers.

There seems to be nothing else like this book in computer science, so even though the effort is great, I must try to finish it. The closest analogy seems to be Knuth's treatise on the Art of Programming, though I shall try to be considerably less ambitious.

If you use these works, even in their incomplete state, please cite them in your work! Thanks!