Promise Theory
Principles and Applications

This book written in collaboration with Jan A. Bergstra.

"Promise Theory offers a methodology for generating certainty on top of uncertain foundations. This book presents the formal foundations of Promise Theory. It lays out the formalisms in a clear, concise, understandable way that makes them accessible to non-mathematicians. If you want to fully understand the conceptual mechanisms that underlie the distributed systems that make up today's "cloud services", you should start with this book."
-- Jeff Sussna, Ingineering

Distributed cooperation from autonomy

Promise Theory bridges the worlds of semantics and dynamics to describe interactions between autonomous agencies within a system. It provides a semi-formal language for modelling intent and its outcome, which results in a chemistry for cooperative behaviour.

This book is aimed at scientists and engineers. It introduces readers to promises in a practical manner, keeping within the paradi gm of `voluntary cooperation'. The book draws on examples from the real world, with a special emphasis on computers and information systems.