Why write a blog?

When the blog craze began it seemed that everyone was keen to write about nothing. I was not interested. I enjoy writing. It is a part of my process of deciding what I think about something. However, I never thought that anyone might be interested in my thoughts until (out of sheer frustration) I wrote : Don't criticize my grammer as a cry of dispair to referees and editors who use what they claim to be poor language as an excuse for rejecting anything they can't otherwise criticize.

That piece generated an astonishing number of emails, mainly from sympathi[z|s]ers, and occasionally those who would futilely try to convince me that "there are a number of" could be logical in some version of reality. So I realized that sometimes thoughts can be fun, even when you find them randomly by surfing the Internet.

I have always written down my thoughts, mostly in notebooks, as a way to keep track of them (I have a functioning memory for episodes and music, but it is terrible to appalling at everything else). Now I have decided to put some of them here.

This blog is for myself and my friends, as a reminder of what I have been doing and thinking about, but, gentlereader, if you find it at all interesting, you are quite welcome to join us.