The Road Ahead

A living ghost story

How many ways can a man become a ghost of his former self?

When exactly did Benjamin Lamarck pass from the world of the living? One day this esteemed University Professor finds himself adrift somewhere between the dreamy spires of Oxford and angular towers of New York, confused and frustrated by his inability to connect to the living. Clues of a life he has apparently departed haunt him like a cloud of black smoke. Then he meets Giles Divad, a shadowy presence who offers him a way out of his isolation, if only he can learn to blend in with the crowd.

Now, assailed by a faceless mob that wants to make him one of the crowd, Lamarck is seized and wiped of individuality, only to regain it by clawing onto the places that were once important to him, in his former life. Then, a young girl forces him to confront the truth of his past, and give it meaning, as he wanders about the episodes of his former life seeking purchase. Perhaps it is still not too late to reconnect with his wife and daughter.