Principles of Network and System Administration

For many years system administration has been passed on to new generations through manual pages, technical handbooks and by word of mouth. This book explains how the aims and guiding principles of system administration can be treated as system engineering.

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Principles of Network and System Administration Edition 2 Errata

The tilde character in URLs have disappeared and appear as a space. This applies to all references. The reason is a latex problem. Be aware that funny looking spaces in URLs are probably tildes (~).

  1. All index entries after the length telnet trace in section 9.8.2 are wrong, due to a reformatting font change and a lack of update on the typesetter's part.
  2. A reprint of the book is now in press (spring 2002), which corrects several poorly phrased, ambiguous sentences and some copying errors.
  3. A hard link is not a duplicate inode, as stated in the book, but a duplicate directory reference to the same inode, hence one cannot link over multiple filesystems (which have independent inode sets).
  4. On page 151 of Network and System administration, 2nd edition, I found this typo:
      [...] Administrators edit the file /etc/master.password [...]
    It should read:
      [...] Administrators edit the file /etc/master.passwd [...]