Pictures from LISA 2001, San Diego

The conference centre.

The opening session, getting ready....1500 attendees, in the end

Mark waiting on one leg during the countdown...

Ellie Young (Usenix, Executive Director) and Mark -- where did the keynote speaker go?!

Mark's opening address -- reflection takes you to the next level

Steve Levine, not singing...(at least not out loud)

Hårek Haugerud -- the hangover is merciless

Sigmund Straumsnes -- pulling faces at Mark on stage

Sigmund and Hårek pose in front of the blue screen

Mark (Dang! why couldn't I pick a shirt which matched the carpet), Alva Couch and William Annis

The session "technology indistinguishable from magic"

Hårek talks about the formation of the Alps

Frode does his impression of Joe 90?

Alva arrives, on his hovercraft

Georg Milvang -- who ARE these people?!

The main meeting area, prepares for coffee break...

Oslo I: Jørgen Kjensli, Dilek Ayhan, Hårek and Georg, at coffee.

William does the roll call...

Main session -- there's always one that won't sit down

Frode sets out on a quest for the ring that would unite them all....

Frode, Hårek and Mark desperately try to fill Mark's VIP suite.

Compliments of the hotel...

The Oslo Mafia sings White Christmas....

Sigmund and Hårek -- beer and Tabasco sauce

Oslo II: Ivar Ødegaard, Hårek, Sigmund, Frode, ???, Mark, in the Lamplight district

Ivar and Hårek

Alva and Sigmund -- just before a close encounter of the 3rd kind

John Sechrest, Hårek, (Alva) and Sigmund, at the trade exhibition

Mark, Hårek, Alva

It's Xmas at the hotel....

Jørgen and Mark at the conference dinner

Hårek and Frode go in search of a hobby

Hårek and Georg -- (an)aerobics

Conference dinner

Mark talks to Jenny Martin (ARM), reminiscing about Cambridge Technopark and Acorn computers, where both have been employed! (or was it all a dream?)

After the party, Hårek and Georg find themselves on Death Row

They escape just in time....

For the LISA quiz show finale...