Promise theoretical analysis of
Money and the scaling of economic interactions

"A must read for anyone
designing intelligent digital currency"

--Mike Warner
Senior Strategist, San Francisco Federal Reserve

The purpose of this work is to provide a technical description of money as a network technology. This may help us to understand the role of monetary forms and currencies in the modern world, from microcurrencies to smart contracts, smart environments, and other collaborative networks.

Commentary and essay overviews

Trust and scaling

Related to this, we have made some notes about blockchains and cryptocurrencies and their limited views of money:

Instructional videos on PT

I am always interested in connecting with technologists and economists in this area for discussion and collaboration, to learn and to develop this work further. Eventually, I hope to scale these observations to develop a modern probabilistic theory of economics, that addresses the deficiencies of the quasi-deterministic differential models currently used by mainstream economists.