Food for thought...

Well that's philosphy I've read
And Law and Medicine , and I fear
Theology too, from A to Z;
Hard studies that have cost me dear.
And now I sit, poor silly man,
No wiser than when I began.
They call me Professor and Doctor, forsooth,
For misleading many an innocent youth
These last ten years now I suppose
Pulling them to and fro by the nose;
And I see all our search for knowledge is in vain
And this burns my heart with a bitter pain.
I've more sense to be sure than the learned fools
The masters and pastors, the scribes from the schools;
No scruples to plague me, no irksome doubt,
No hell-fire or devil to worry about --
Yet I take no pleasure in anything now;
For I know I know nothing, I wonder how
I can still keep up the pretence of teaching
Or bettering mankind with my empty preaching
Can I even boast any worldly success?
What fame or riches do I possess?
What dog would put up with such an existence!
And so I am seeking magic's assistance,
Calling on spirits and their might
To show me many a secret sight,
To relieve me of the wretched task
Of telling things I ought rather to ask,
To grant me a vision of natures forces
That bind the world, all its seeds and sources
And innermost life -- all this I shall see,
And stop peddling in words that mean nothing to me.