Technologist, scientist, author,
specializing in the physics of Information Systems.

Science is culture, and technology is art...*

This is my personal homepage. I'm a physicist, technologist, advisor to public and private organizations globally---author, founder and original architect of CFEngine, founder of ChiTek-i, and Aljabr. International technology advisor, and public speaker. Contributor to the science and technology of distributed computer systems in today's Internet Infrastructure, especially through semantics of Configuration and Promise Theory. Popularizer of science, and advocate for science's cultural importance in modern education, as well as part time composer.

Previously Professor of Networks and Systems at Oslo (Metropolitan) University, teaching in Physics, Mathematics, Operating Systems, Network and System Administration, Networking Technologies, laboratory skills, Programming Languages, Computer Security and many seminar series on scientific methods for PhD students. I abandoned this position to work in the field. I assist in the editing of a number of scientific journals.


Some film music: