Media, Talks, and videos

  1. Microservices and the scaling of rational interactions (QCon London 2018) [blog version]
  2. A brief history of configuration Managing sprawl (Config management camp, Ghent, 2018)
  3. Trust and Microservices ... (the scaling of true and false) (Keynote from DevOpsDays Oslo 2017)
  4. Microservices, the future of society, and all that ... (modularity for introverts and extroverts) (Keynote from REACTIVE SUMMIT 2007) [blog version]
  5. Continuous Monitoring and DevOps - at Electric Cloud Blog 2017.
  6. How can we know when a sytsem is working well? - at Devops Days Oslo 2016.
  7. How can we know when a sytsem is working well? - at 2016.
  8. Functional spaces - 25 yr anniversary keynote (see list selectionon page)
  9. Brains, Societies, and Semantic Spaces (related to blog post).
  10. Thinking in Promises for the Cyborg Age - Percolate Transition conference NYC 2015
  11. Uncertain Infrastructures: What science tells us about IT, (part 1) Talk at DevOps Days NYC 2013, October 2013
  12. The Collapse of complex infrastructure: What science tells us about IT, (part 2) Talk at Snow 2014, May 2014
  13. The Future of Configuration Management, Talk at DevOps Days SC 2014, October 2013
  14. Change = Mass x Velocity, and other laws of infrastructure, Velocity 2011.
  15. Promise Theory, Talk At Google, St Monica, November, 2008.
  16. Devops - One Small Step for Business-IT alignment, one giant leap for infrastructure culture, Keynote DevOps Days Rome, 2012.


  1. Judgement call podcast interview (April 2021) (video)
  2. The Jim Rutt Show Podcast: Mark Burgess on The Physics of Money
  3. The Jim Rutt Show Podcast: Mark Burgess on Promise Theory, AI & Spacetime
  4. Agile Uprising podcast -- Promise Theory
  5. Q&A with Mark Burgess about Smart Spacetime
  6. Microservices Panel, QCon London 2018, with Idit Levine , Guy Podjarny , Sam Newman , Susanne Kaiser , Mark Burgess on Apr 29, 2018
  7. DevOps Special: Banks, Brains, and Factories: Thinking in Promises for a Future World
  8. In Search of Certainty Podcast Series, with John Willis (2016)
  9. O'Reilly Radar podcast: Mark Burgess on a CS narrative, orders of magnitude, and approaching biological scale
  10. Promise Theory: Understanding how to scale and create positive team cooperation
  11. Interview on Promise Theory and Software Wind Tunnel: Velocity SC 2014, October 2013
  12. Interview on Configuration Management and its Future, at Velocity 2011
  13. DevOps Leadership profile and interview and video.
  14. New York DevOps Days interview on configuration management (Barton's blog Oct 2013).
  15. InfoQ on Computer Immunology and Configuration Management (from CraftConf 2016)