Music, old and new...

Here is some roughly edited music written and recorded opportunistically over the years, occasionally in collaboration with friends, and with often primitive equipment.

I'm a guitarist and recently bassist, who dabbles in other things. Since the growing arthritic stiffness in my right hand, I can't play classical guitar since about 2010. Most of these were performed by me using various bits of software. Live recordings with Ole Martin Løvvik (clarinets and keyboards) and Tom Nielsen (drums).

Some new idea sketches dumped here

2016 - AI - Artificial Improvisation (Blues for the urban machine)

Ideas put together with Garageband (bass clarinets played by Ole Martin Løvvik).

  1. What we should have said (dawn nocturne)
  2. Back in the race
  3. A day in the life...
  4. Plonk
  5. Heliopolis (visit Cairo)
  6. Getting it back together
  7. Weather report on Santanaorini
  8. The Traveller (Lynn's theme)
  9. What we should have said (dusk nocturne)

Some past highlights

2009 - Classical guitar (best effort recorded on laptop)

Here are some crudely recorded pieces, complete with mistakes, right hand stiffness, and analogue and digital distortion from my cheap sound card, recorded directly in some of the moments when my arthritis is behaving itself sufficiently. These were the pieces that inspired me to play right back in 1977. If I am able to improve or extend these recordings I will, for my own records. I'm ashamed to say that most days it doesn't get any better than this anymore :-( This was the last time I was going to be able to play classical guitar.


1997 - (Electronica/Jazz roughs)

1996 - Film & Video (Electronica)

1995-?? Space Cadets (Live, unrehearsed improvisation)

Bass/guitar (MB), bass clarinet/keys (OL) and drums (TN)

Just a couple of edited samples. This was completely non-serious and often so funny we would laugh until we cried. We had an uncanny telepathy for improvisation. Note: the tracks are supposed to run together, so play in sequence:

[08] [09] [11] [17] [19]

1995 - Urban Platitudes (Industry)

Miscellaneous music from 1985-1991